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Miele T1313 Vented Dryer

Miele T1313 Vented Dryer

Like all Miele tumble dryers, this one has a design life of more than 5,000 cycles. With an average of 5 loads a week, this is equivalent to a 20-year life expectancy. With brilliant detail, Miele's unique filtration system helps elongate the life of your tumble dryer. Three separate filters remove lint and other objects from the circulating air. This protects the motor and prevents the lint from returning to the laundry. The large lint filter is easily accessible on the door of the tumble dryer and requires regular cleaning. If for some reason, the filter becomes blocked, an indicator light alerts you and if necessary, the dryer will stop the program automatically to prevent damage to your clothes and the machine.

An on-board micro-processor monitors everything from moisture levels to drying temperatures making adjustments when needed, so there is no need for timed drying, which can damage your clothing. This technology is especially useful when considering that this dryer offers eight programs and six moisture settings.

Just like Miele washing machines, the tumble dryers also feature the groundbreaking, patented Honeycomb drum, except the hexagons point outward instead of inward. This unique design creates air cushions that ensure the gentle movement of laundry and the reduction of friction with the stainless drum.

Simply stated, the Honeycomb drum guarantees drying results and minimizes damage to your garments, making it one of the most reliable dryers available.

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